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Tips for Writing a Memoir

When writing a memoir, you must keep off from writing your whole biography. In most cases, memoirs usually share some snippets from one’s personal life. However, telling a full story of your life in one sitting is not recommended since it can be intimidating and tasking. In addition, it is not possible to write about many things in your whole life in one book. Thus, when writing a memoir, one crucial thing for you to understand is to pick the critical snippets in your life. These are episodes in which you have vivid emotional memories about or turning points which affected your life.

Further to this, you ought to create an intellectual experience when writing a memoir. You have to write your memoir by translating your experiences into stories that readers can relate to and inhabit themselves. Many people find it hard to do this, but with experience, it helps a lot to write a good memoir. One of the fundamental tips you can follow to achieve this is by ensuring that the first draft you create is not dull. Make sure that the memoir has vivid details. This can be achieved when you use all the senses to give the story. This will take the readers back to a particular moment in time.

Another crucial tip to engage when writing your memoir is not to start at the beginning. If you are a beginner in this, it may be tempting to start writing your memoir from the very beginning. Nonetheless, it is critical that you do not do this since the best memoirs are not chronological. In most cases, people usually start with a compelling moment or story in their life. After this, they will always work their way backward and ensure to fill in the blanks. By using this technique, the reader’s interest will be piqued from the very beginning.

At the same time, it helps to use fiction-writing methods. For your memoir to be great, it must be compelling like most fiction bestsellers. Though you could be writing about your life experiences, make sure to use methods that are found in short stories and novels. You can also re-create story scenes using dialogue and build suspense. Any actions you write about must be described precisely without overloading it with exposition. Using these techniques normally gives life and color to your memoir.

On the other hand, you must learn about collapsing your events and characters. When you are writing personal memoirs, many people usually get tempted to include all their family members, friends, and loved ones. Nevertheless, you ought to only focus on those events and people who are vital to the theme of the story. Including such people will not help you in explaining the ideas that you want to use in the memoir. It is also good to write every day. Although it sounds obvious, it helps a lot when you write every day. Make sure to create a routine, a time, and a place to write consistently every day.

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