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Cultural Diplomacy and Education through Understanding

Cultural diplomacy has a lot of benefits that comes with it. It plays a very vital role in ensuring that the world is being turned into a global village. This present world undergoes a lot of changes and complexities. There are so many positive effects that cultural diplomacy has come with. The globalization of the world has resulted in free sharing of information and resources, people are able to mingle freely and as a result the technology has greatly been enhanced. And again a lot of security problems have emerged as a result of this changes which need to be handled with a lot of gravity. Criminal activities have risen greatly among them terroristic acts and drug trafficking. Illegal migrants have become numerous as a result of the impacts of making the world to become a global village. This has really transformed the whole world and as it stands no single is able to remain independent and provide its own security without partnering with the other countries. The changes in the globe are increasingly on the rise and this has made the modern world even more complicated. In simple terms the world has become now a single village. The higher the number of international structures that a country is connected with the more it is considered to be stronger. The excellence of a nation’s political strength and its diplomacy is regarded by looking at how they are collaborating with new partners from all walks of the world. Cultural diplomacy and education through understanding is very significant in the world in its current state and the future state that is to come. Today many nations are experiencing so many challenges in ensuring that they are curbing all the difficulties that are coming up as a result of cultural conflicts as they strive because of the inadequate resources that are needed to be certain that they are mitigated.

Cultural diplomacy and education through understanding therefore becomes the best method to use to solve this problems as it provides a favorable environment where people can communicate and share ideas easily. There is need for all the countries in the globe to come together to help curb the globalization effects that have gone very high. All people need to embrace cultural diplomacy and Education through understanding as they will be able to connect well with one another in their different conflicting points.

Cultural diplomacy and education through understanding is once again very vital as it help people to adjust very fast and also cope with changes as the world is being rapidly transformed and also keep up with the measure of sped with which the globe is being transformed. It is not easy to remove people from their cultural behaviors and norms that they are used to hence it requires a lot of collaborated effort to be sure that the people are being transformed. Everything can be changed easily but the cultural behaviors are obviously very hard to change, lots of challenges are experienced. Therefore cultural diplomacy and education through understanding becomes the only possible means that will help in achieving this.

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